If you have children at home that is a younger brother or sister and you want to buy clothes for them you would not find it an easy task. You would have to keep in mind the exact size of the child for which you want to buy clothes. It is also important to know that children have faster growth and so their size may change quickly. Especially if you are buying clothes for a small baby then your clothes may not fit by the time you gift them. This is because new born babies grow rapidly. Then you should also keep a look on the current weather because obviously it would be no use gifting a child some summer clothes while it is currently the winter season.
If you go shopping for bigger kids then keep their age in mind as well the height. The shop keeper will himself ask you the size of the child that you want to buy clothes for. The clothes come in variety of sizes. They can have a medium size or a small or large or even extra large one. Similarly height also makes a lot of difference. Some kids have height that is normal to their growth but some kids are a little taller or shorter. You also need to keep the color choice of the kid in mind. Mostly kids at a younger age are not much conscious about the colors they wear. You should also have a look at the current fashion trends. Specially for buying clothes for a girl sibling you must get for her what is new in fashion. Nobody likes to wear clothes that are out of trend. So this was a little guide about choosing clothes for kids. I am sure you will find this helpful.